Privacy Terms and Conditions

Members logo and images of their products may be featured in ads produced by Thrift Toronto.

No personal information will be shared externally from Thrift Toronto.

Thrift Toronto does not collect personal information besides first name, last name, email and phone number.

Thrift Toronto will collect information concerning the members thrift business including name of business, logo, area of business, method of transaction, and relevant information of their products and link to their platform they would like to share for service and advertising purposes.

Thrift Toronto is not responsible for issues related to outside our services. All members have a choice to how they do business. Thrift Toronto is a directory to assist Buyers and Sellers to the Thrift Toronto Platform. Thrift Toronto promotes their members and offers exclusive services and benefits to their members.

Must be 18 years and older to sign up for Thrift Toronto.

Thrift Toronto emails their members for updates, reminders and promotions. Emails are a great way to keep up with our exclusive offers and news.

Thrift Toronto does not tolerate violent, discriminatory, and prejudice behavior. Thrift Toronto has the right to remove members who are deemed unqualified to be a member and /or demonstrate behavior that violate our terms and conditions.

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