Our Services


  • Invest in an additional stream of income reselling fashion with consistent revenue as an entrepreneur in Toronto
  • Network with Toronto’s Resale fashion community and collaborate with entrepreneurs
  • Toronto Thrift will market your business for you, increase your following status on your business social medias and contribute overall exposure to your business
  • Toronto Thrift does not interfere with you method of doing business, we just want to see your platform grow
  • Thrift Toronto does not take a percentage from your sales


  • Find a fashion resale business within the GTA to pay low shipping costs on your order
  • Discover and explore diverse fashion resale businesses on one marketplace dedicated to Toronto and the GTA!
  • Be apart of the fashion resale circular economy for a sustainable future
  • Interact online with various entrepreneurs and start your own fashion resale business

what we do

  • Toronto Thrift is designed to find a local fashion resale business within the GTA. This reduces shipping costs for both the business and customer and travel time for meet-ups
  • We can create a shipping label with a quote via email for your package to your buyer
  • We create ads promoting your fashion resale business on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and pinterest
  • We create pins on pinterest for your thrift business
  • Daily stories on Instagram and Facebook promoting your products and deals
  • Paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram

$75/Month valued service for a $9.99 monthly subscription !

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